What Data Formats are Available?

NBIC data are available for download in html or text format.

Searching the NBIC Database:

The NBIC database can be queried by pointing your browser to https://invasions.si.edu/cgi/search-nbic and selecting a state and dates of interest, and then clicking either the "Chart" or "Table" button.

Tabular data are summarized by port in "Table 1 - Ship Arrivals (Summary by Port)". Individual ship arrival records are listed in "Table 2 - Ship Arrival Records" and individual ballast tank records corresponding to ship arrivals are displayed in "Table 3 - Ballast Tank Records".

Search Tip: Given the number of records that are available in the NBIC database, Table 2 or Table 3 may take a long time to download, or slow down a user's web browser. In such cases, you may want to increase the specificity of the query (e.g., reduce the time period of the query, or choose a particular ship type).







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