Bryozoans are marine invertebrates of the Phylum Bryozoa, also known as Ectoprocta. They are colonial organisms, sometimes referred to as moss animals, which can occur in encrusting forms, erect branching growths, and leaf-like or coral-like lobes. Each colony consists of a number of individuals, called zooids, which collectively form colonies. Some of the zooids are specialized for different tasks including feeding, reproduction and attachment. Many of the bryozoans in NEMESIS have been introduced through accidental transport as fouling on commercial ships, recreational boats or aquaculture shipments. The impacts of exotic bryozoans are varied, with many having no reported impacts, but some species are fouling pests growing on ship hulls, docks and other hard surfaces.

Species List

Aeverrillia armata
Amathia dichotoma
Amathia distans
Amathia verticillata
Anguinella palmata
Arbopercula bengalensis
Aspidelectra melolontha
Bugula neritina
Bugulina simplex
Bugulina stolonifera
Caulibugula dendrograpta
Celleporaria pilaefera
Conopeum chesapeakensis
Conopeum tenuissimum
Cribrilina mutabilis
Cribrilina mutabilis
Cryptosula pallasiana
Fredericella indica
Hippopodina iririkiensis
Hippoporina indica
Lophopodella carteri
Lophopus crystallinus
Membranipora membranacea
Membraniporopsis tubigerum
Nolella sawayai
Pectinatella magnifica
Schizoporella errata
Schizoporella japonica
Sinoflustra annae
Tricellaria inopinata
Victorella pavida
Watersipora arcuata
Watersipora n. sp.
Watersipora subtorquata complex
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