Shrimp are arthropods which belong to the Subphylum Crustacea, the Order Decapoda and the Infraorder Caridea. They have a hard, but thin, exterior skeleton with overlapping body segments and chelae or claws. They are found in salt, fresh or brackish waters and inhabit soft sediments, rocky areas, vegetated areas and man-made structures. Many shrimp species are commercially important and are consumed as food in a number of countries. Exotic shrimp are often introduced into new regions by accidental transport in the ballast water of commercial ships, or through fisheries and bait escapes. The impacts of introduced shrimp are varied, with some having few or no negative impacts. However, some can compete with native shrimp species and spread viral shrimp diseases.

Species List

Macrobrachium macrobrachion
Macrobrachium olfersii
Macrobrachium rosenbergii
Palaemon adspersus
Palaemon carinicauda
Palaemon elegans
Palaemon kadiakensis
Palaemon macrodactylus
Palaemon modestus
Penaeus monodon
Penaeus vannamei
Potimirim potimirim
Upogebia affinis
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