NEMESIS Bioregion Distribution:

Native  Introduced  Cryptogenic  Failed

First Non-native North American Marine/Estuarine Record: 2003
First Non-native West Coast Marine/Estuarine Record: 2003

General Invasion History:

Corella inflata was described from southern British Columbia (Huntsman 1912, cited by Lambert et al. 1981), but later considered conspecific with C. willmeriana by Van Name (1945). Lambert et al. (1981) compared and distinguished the two species, noting differences in range. Corella wilmeriana was known to range from Alaska to central California, while C. inflata was known only from southern British Columbia to Puget Sound. In recent surveys, it was found north to Prince William Sound (Hines and Ruiz 2000; Ruiz et al., unpublished data), and the Chukchi Sea, north of Alaska (USNM 1116525, US National Museum of Natural History 2012). Since 2003, it has been found in Coos Bay OR (Chang 2009; Onuma 2011), Humboldt Bay CA (Wilson 2011), and San Francisco Bay CA (Chang 2009; Ruiz et al., unpublished data; Steve Foss, personal communication). These southern occurrences are definite introductions, probably due to ship or boat fouling.

North American Invasion History:

Invasion History on the West Coast:

In 2003, Corella inflata appeared in Coos Bay, Oregon, but disappeared following heavy rains in 2006 (R. Emlet and J. T. Carlton, pers. comm., cited by Chang 2009). It reappeared later in Coos Bay, and settling larvae were photographed by Onuma (2011). Corella inflata was common in Humboldt Bay in 2009, during a study of fouling organisms (Wilson 2011), but was not found in 2011 samples (Gretchen Lambert, personal communication). In 2008, C. inflata was abundant in San Francisco Bay at San Francisco Marina and Sausalito Marine Harbor (Chang 2009), and in additional locations in a 2010 survey (Richardson Bay and St. Francis Yacht Harbor, Steve Foss, personal communication).