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Species lists for the approximately 500 introduced marine and estuarine species of invertebrates and algae included in the database are available using the search function, however, species reports are only available for certain taxonomic groups. For example, click here for a summary or synthesis report across species of tunicates, or type in a search to access reports on an individual tunicate species. A list of all the introduced tunicates in the database can be found in the group report above or by typing "tunicate" in the search field. See the introduction for additional search options.

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Taxonomic Group  Matching Taxa:
Algae Kappaphycus alvarezii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Chorda asiatica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Ulva australis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Colpomenia claytoniae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Mutimo cylindricus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Codium fragile ssp. Fragile   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Sargassum horneri   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Sargassum muticum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Elachista nigra   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Ascophyllum nodosum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Caulacanthus okamurae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Halimeda opuntia   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Undaria pinnatifida   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Caulerpa taxifolia (invasive genotype)   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Grateloupia turuturu   (Taxa Level - Species)
Algae Agarophyton vermiculophyllum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Leeches Myzobdella lugubris   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Branchiomma bairdi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Protula balboensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Streblospio benedicti   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Neodexiospira brasiliensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Laonome cf. calida   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Pseudopolydora cf. kempi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Branchiomma coheni   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Myrianida convoluta   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Polydora cornuta   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Hediste diadroma   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Hediste diversicolor   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Hydroides elegans   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Sabaco elongatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Ficopomatus enigmaticus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Heteromastus filiformis species complex   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Hobsonia florida   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Janua heterostropha   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Terebrasabella heterouncinata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Spirobranchus kraussii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Boccardiella ligerica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Spirobranchus minutus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Marenzelleria neglecta   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Amblyosyllis nigrolineata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Megasyllis nipponica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Epigamia noroi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Haplosyllis ohma   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Proceraea okadai   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Myrianida pachycera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Pseudopolydora paucibranchiata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Myrianida pentadentata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Timarete punctata sp. A   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Hydroides sanctaecrucis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Diplocirrus SD1   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Sabellastarte sp.   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Alitta succinea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Clymenella torquata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Ficopomatus uschakovi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Annelids-Polychaetes Marenzelleria viridis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Sinoflustra annae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Watersipora arcuata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Aeverrillia armata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Arbopercula bengalensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Lophopodella carteri   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Conopeum chesapeakensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Caulibugula dendrograpta   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Amathia distans   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Schizoporella errata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Hippoporina indica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Fredericella indica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Tricellaria inopinata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Schizoporella japonica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Pectinatella magnifica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Aspidelectra melolontha   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Membranipora membranacea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Cribrilina mutabilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Watersipora n. sp.   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Bugula neritina   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Cryptosula pallasiana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Anguinella palmata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Victorella pavida   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Celleporaria pilaefera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Bugulina simplex   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Bugulina stolonifera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Watersipora subtorquata complex   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Conopeum tenuissimum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Membraniporopsis tubigerum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Bryozoans Amathia verticillata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Tubastraea coccinea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Sagartia elegans   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Diadumene franciscana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Diadumene leucolena   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Diadumene lineata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Tubastraea micranthus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Carijoa riisei   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Diadumene sp. 1   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Bunodeopsis sp. A   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Anthozoans Nematostella vectensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Laomedea calceolifera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Eudendrium carneum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Cordylophora caspia   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Ectopleura crocea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Pennaria disticha   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Turritopsis dohrnii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Garveia franciscana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Climacocodon ikarii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Moerisia lyonsi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Maeotias marginata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Clava multicornis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Bougainvillia muscus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Cladonema pacificum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Cladonema radiatum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Craspedacusta sowerbii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Amphinema sp.1   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Corymorpha sp. A   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Gonionemus vertens   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Bimeria vestita   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Blackfordia virginica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Hydrozoans Ectopleura viridis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Scyphozoans Aurelia coerulea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Scyphozoans Phyllorhiza punctata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Cnidarians-Scyphozoans Mastigias sp. 1   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Ampelisca abdita   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Monocorophium acherusicum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Corophium alienense   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Laticorophium baconi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Gammarus daiberi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Incisocalliope derzhavini   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Caprella drepanochir   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Transorchestia enigmatica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Crangonyx floridanus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Stenothoe gallensis species complex   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Orchestia gammarellus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Microdeutopus gryllotalpa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Corophium heteroceratum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Monocorophium insidiosum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Echinogammarus ischnus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Grandidierella japonica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Ampithoe longimana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Jassa marmorata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Caprella mutica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Leucothoe nagatai   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Melita nitida   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Crangonyx pseudogracilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Paracaprella pusilla   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Melita rylovae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Caprella scaura   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Aoroides secunda   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Caprella simia   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Paradexamine sp. SD1   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Hourstonius sp.   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Paracorophium sp.   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Eochelidium sp. A   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Chelura terebrans   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Gammarus tigrinus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Monocorophium uenoi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Stenothoe valida   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Ampithoe valida   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Amphipods Corophium volutator   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Fistulobalanus albicostatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Amphibalanus amphitrite   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Megabalanus coccopoma   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Amphibalanus eburneus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Chthamalus fragilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Amphibalanus improvisus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Loxothylacus panopaei   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Chthamalus proteus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Amphibalanus reticulatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Barnacles Balanus trigonus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Cladocerans Bosmina coregoni   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Cladocerans Daphnia lumholtzi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Eurytemora carolleeae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Lernaea cyprinacea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Oithona davisae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Apocyclops dengizicus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Tortanus dextrilobatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Sinocalanus doerrii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Pseudodiaptomus forbesi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Pseudodiaptomus inopinus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Argulus japonicus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Pseudodiaptomus marinus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Mytilicola orientalis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Harpacticella paradoxa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Limnoithona sinensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Acartiella sinensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Copepods Limnoithona tetraspina   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Petrolisthes armatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Callinectes bocourti   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Rhithropanopeus harrisii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Charybdis hellerii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Eriocheir japonica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Carcinus maenas   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Metacarcinus magister   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Metopograpsus oceanicus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Hemigrapsus sanguineus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Callinectes sapidus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Scylla serrata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Eriocheir sinensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crabs Platychirograpsus spectabilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crayfish Procambarus clarkii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crayfish Faxonius rusticus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crayfish Faxonius virilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Crayfish Procambarus zonangulus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Cumaceans Nippoleucon hinumensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Eurylana arcuata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Iais californica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Dynoides dentisinus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Paradella dianae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Ligia exotica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Iais floridana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Orthione griffenis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Asellus hilgendorfii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Caecijaera horvathi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Paranthura japonica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Synidotea laticauda   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Ligia oceanica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Limnoria pfefferi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Limnoria quadripunctata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Sphaeroma quoianum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Caecidotea racovitzai   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Gnorimosphaeroma rayi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Paracerceis sculpta   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Ianiropsis serricaudis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Uromunna sp. A   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Pseudosphaeroma sp. A   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Sphaeroma terebrans   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Limnoria tripunctata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Isopods Sphaeroma walkeri   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Lobsters Homarus americanus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Lobsters Panulirus versicolor   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Mysids Orientomysis aspera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Mysids Praunus flexuosus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Mysids Deltamysis holmquistae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Mysids Orientomysis hwanhaiensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Mysids Neomysis japonica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Mysids Hyperacanthomysis longirostris   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Ostracods Redekea californica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Ostracods Aspidoconcha limnoriae   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Ostracods Spinileberis quadriaculeata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Ostracods Eusarsiella zostericola   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Upogebia affinis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Palaemon carinicauda   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Palaemon elegans   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Palaemon kadiakensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Macrobrachium macrobrachion   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Palaemon macrodactylus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Palaemon modestus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Penaeus monodon   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Macrobrachium olfersii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Potimirim potimirim   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Macrobrachium rosenbergii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Shrimp Penaeus vannamei   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Stomatopods Pullosquilla litoralis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Crustaceans-Tanaids Sinelobus cf. stanfordi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Echinoderms Ophiactis savignyi Lineage B   (Taxa Level - Species)
Entoprocts Barentsia benedeni   (Taxa Level - Species)
Entoprocts Urnatella gracilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Entoprocts Loxosomatoides laevis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Menidia audens   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Carassius auratus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Tridentiger barbatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Tridentiger bifasciatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Cyprinus carpio   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Ameiurus catus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Notemigonus crysoleucas   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Acanthogobius flavimanus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Ictalurus furcatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Lucania goodei   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Ptychocheilus grandis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Poecilia latipinna   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Cyprinella lutrensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Ameiurus melas   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Ameiurus natalis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Ameiurus nebulosus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Hypomesus nipponensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Gila orcuttii   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Lucania parva   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Dorosoma petenense   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Pimephales promelas   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Ictalurus punctatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Alosa sapidissima   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Morone saxatilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Tridentiger trigonocephalus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Fishes Pterois volitans   (Taxa Level - Species)
Horseshoe Crab Limulus polyphemus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Pisidium amnicum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Corbula amurensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Ostrea angasi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Mya arenaria   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Crassostrea ariakensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Teredo bartschi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Dreissena bugensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Mytella charruana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Anomia chinensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Sphaerium corneum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Saccostrea cucullata complex   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Rangia cuneata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Geukensia demissa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Ostrea edulis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Mytilus edulis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Chama fibula   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Cyrenoida floridana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Corbicula fluminea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Teredo furcifera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Mytilus galloprovincialis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Gemma gemma   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Crassostrea gigas   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Laternula gracilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Hyotissa hyotis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Argopecten irradians   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Arctica islandica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Mytilopsis leucophaeata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Neotrapezium liratum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Theora lubrica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Meretrix lusoria   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Chama macerophylla   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Pinctada margaritifera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Lyrodus medilobatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Mercenaria mercenaria   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Teredo navalis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Anomia nobilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Nuttallia obscurata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Anadara ovalis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Lyrodus pedicellatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Perna perna   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Macoma petalum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Venerupis philippinarum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Petricolaria pholadiformis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Dreissena polymorpha   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Ischadium recurvum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Anadara satowi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Musculista senhousia   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Crassostrea sikamea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Anomia simplex   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Leukoma staminea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Lyrodus takanoshimensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Anadara transversa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Crassostrea virginica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Perna viridis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Bivalves Mizuhopecten yessoensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Tenellia adspersa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Potamopyrgus antipodarum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Neptunea arthritica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Clanculus ater   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Batillaria attramentaria   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Philine auriformis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Boonea bisuturalis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Favorinus blianus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Littorina brevicula   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Bostrycapulus calyptraeformis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Stramonita canaliculata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Pleurocera canaliculata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Busycotypus canaliculatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Bellamya chinensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Urosalpinx cinerea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Reishia clavigera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Sabia conica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Crepidula convexa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Marisa cornuarietis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Turbo coronatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Sakuraeolis enosimensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Melanochlamys ezoensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Crepidula fornicata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Nassarius fraterculus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Stiliger fuscovittatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Viviparus georgianus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Tarebia granifera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Ocenebra inornata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Littoraria irrorata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Bellamya japonica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Haminoea japonica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Monodonta labio   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Littorina littorea   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Elimia livescens   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Pomacea maculata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Cecina manchurica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Turbo marmoratus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Leostyletus misakiensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Littoridinops monroensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Myosotella myosotis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Trochus niloticus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Fissurella nimbosa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Tritia obsoleta   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Crepidula onyx   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Philine orientalis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Dendronotus orientalis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Amathina pacei   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Assiminea parasitologica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Patella pellucida   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Thecacera pennigera   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Cuthona perca   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Valvata piscinalis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Okenia plana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Crepidula plana   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Tritonia plebeia   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Bullia rhodostoma   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Catriona rickettsi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Spurwinkia salsa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Littorina saxatilis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Favorinus sp.   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Crucibulum spinosum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Patelloida striata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Truncatella subcylindrica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Eupleura sulcidentata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Bithynia tentaculata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Melanoides tuberculata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Melanoides turricula   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Rapana venosa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Mollusks-Gastropods Guildfordia yoka   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Diplosoma aff. spongiforme   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Ascidiella aspersa   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Symplegma brakenhielmi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Styela canopus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Molgula citrina   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Styela clava   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Polyclinum constellatum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Microcosmus exasperatus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Molgula ficus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Lissoclinum fragile   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Botrylloides giganteus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Corella inflata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Perophora japonica   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Clavelina lepadiformis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Diplosoma listerianum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Molgula manhattensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Didemnum perlucidum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Bostrichobranchus pilularis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Botryllus planus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Styela plicata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Didemnum psammatodes   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Symplegma reptans   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Ciona robusta   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Polyandrocarpa sagamiensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Ciona savignyi   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Botryllus schlosseri   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Ascidia sp. A   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Microcosmus squamiger   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Ascidia sydneiensis   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Ecteinascidia turbinata   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Didemnum vexillum   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Botrylloides violaceus   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Ascidia zara   (Taxa Level - Species)
Tunicates Polyandrocarpa zorritensis   (Taxa Level - Species)

SELECT DISTINCT TXA_Group, TXA_Binomial, TXA_Name, TXA_ReleaseDate, 'Taxa Level -' as type, Codes.COD_Long as other, TXA_Level, Taxonomy.TXA_ITIS, Taxonomy.TXA_ExpReleaseDate FROM Codes INNER JOIN Taxonomy ON Codes.COD_ID = Taxonomy.TXA_Level INNER JOIN Distributions ON Taxonomy.TXA_ITIS = Distributions.TXA_ITIS INNER JOIN Regions ON Regions.REG_ID = Distributions.REG_ID WHERE REG_Country = 'USA' AND INV_InvStatus = 'Def' AND TXA_ReleaseDate <= CURDATE() ORDER BY TXA_Group, type DESC, TXA_Name;


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