Many people through the years have contributed to NEMESIS in some way or another. Almost any bit of information researched by our lab has found its way into NEMESIS. In that respect, almost everyone in the lab during the past decade or so has contributed. However, several people have spent a considerable amount of their time to developing NEMESIS.

Dr. Paul Fofonoff has contributed the majority of time invested in the project. It is his research into the distribution and life history of invasive species that has filled the fields within the NEMESIS database. As one colleague once said while introducing Paul, "Dr. Fofonoff is a walking google of invasive species information."

Dr. Gregory Ruiz, as lab principle investigator, has directed the development of NEMESIS from a small checklist of invasive species for the Chesapeake Bay to the national system it has become.

Brian Steves is resonsible for the database design and web integration.

Melissa Hagen of Magpie Design is our web designer.

Sue Cheek manages Dr. Fofonoff's vast library of invasive species references.







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