NEMESIS Publications

Many of the publications from our lab benefit from information held within NEMESIS. However, some of our publications specifically use NEMESIS as their primary source of information.

Invasion of coastal marine communities in North America: patterns and processes. G. Ruiz, P. Foffonoff, J. Carlton, M. Wonham, A. Hines, A. Cohen. Annual Reviews in Ecology and Systematics 31: 481-531, 2000.

Habitat distribution and heterogeneity in marine invasion dynamics: The importance of hard substrate and artificial structure. G.M. Ruiz, A.L. Freestone, P.W. Fofonoff, C. Simkanin. In: Marine Hard Bottom Communities: patterns, dynamics, diversity and change (Ed.) Martin Wahl. Springer Series: Ecological Studies, Vol. 206, 2009.

Intra-coastal ballast water flux and the potential for secondary spread of non-native species on the U.S. West coast. C. Simkanin, I.C. Davidson, M. Faulkner, M. Sytsma, G. M. Ruiz Marine Pollution Bulletin 58: 366-374, 2009.

Potential for high-latitude marine invasions along western North America. C.E. deRivera, B.P. Steves, P.W. Fofonoff, A.H. Hines Diversity and Distributions 17(6): 1198-1209, 2011.

Marine Crustracean Invasions in North America: A Synthesis of Historical Records and Documented Impacts. G.M. Ruiz, P.W. Fofonoff, B.P. Steves, A. Dahlstrom . In Galil, B., PF Clark, JT Carlton (eds.). In the Wrong Place - Alien Marine Crustaceans: Distribution, Biology and Impacts. Invading Nature - Springer Series in Invasion Ecology, Vol. 6, 2011.

Marine invasion history and vector analysis of California: a hotspot for western North America. G.M. Ruiz, P.W. Fofonoff, B.P. Steves, S.F. Foss, S.N. Shiba Diversity and Distributions 17(2): 362-373, 2011.







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